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icona vintageicona abbigliamentoFounded in 2008 by two friends, Martina and Angela, the Vintage Market has been held at the Artists’ Circle for many years: 6 meetings per year, with craftsmen and sellers coming initially from Rome, later from everywhere in Italy. 

A walk through the stalls

In spring 2015 the Artists’ Circle closed and the Vintage Market moved outdoors at Villa Ada for the summer, then to the ex-cinema and theatre Quirinetta in October. The new home hosts approximately 40 stands two Sundays per months (check Facebook page for dates), it allows visitors to walk around but also rest on the cozy armchairs on the stage or on the cinema seats in front of the bar, while listening to the dj-set. Brunch is served on the theatre stage between noon and 3 pm, while in the evening the bar litghtens up thanks to its barmen such as Francesco, proposing their cocktails and an aperitivo menu. There is no entrance ticket, but you can leave a little offer… up to you.4

“Our idea was not only to set up a market, but to create an event, so we try to combine workshops and exhibitions with the stands, the food and the music – tell us Angela and Cristina – the exhibitors’ selection is the outcome of long research, some get in touch with us, we scout others among emerging artists and craftsmen, also as far as food is concerned, we look for special products, such as the cookies and cakes by La Pasticcieria, bakery specialized in gluten, lactose and egg free products. t

The exhibitors normally change, but there is a small group of “loyal” craftsmen and sellers who always come back “I’ve worked in many markets, but the professional approach and quality I found at Vintage Market is rare – tells us Daniela, wood artists, who makes original brooches, magnets, mirror frames and lamps made of ancient phones – I started for fun after graduation, with a small hacksaw, sandpaper, tempera and paint and let my imagination come true. It takes a lot of time and effort, as of today it gives me more personal satisfaction than financial returns, but I consider it an investment for the future".


For fun, but also for a family tradition, is Ambra's passion for vintage: "I have a house full of objets, my grandfather is an artist and frame maker, older siblings who passed on to me many things, vintage bicyles, boxes and suitcases and then clothes, but my favorites are hairdryers... even if designers don't really appreciate them, I have a whole collection of vintage hairdryers and I don't sell them. Vintage collection is not Ambra's only activity : “I do many things: I study architecture, do industrial design, and sometimes I work on costumes, I even sew clothes for myself. 

With a little creativity, you can work on vintage, what I do is help the customer with an advice, I have this beatiful skirt for example, who could fit a lady tall at least 175 cm, but a good tailor could make a scarf cutting a piece out of it. After so many years, I still hear someone say do you have this dress in another size or color and I'm still astonished. Vintage is creativity, not comfort, it's a boot which is about to break, a shirt that comes out of the pants, a funny game that you cannot take too seriously".

Alice's Wonderland

“The Vintage Market, now that I’m learning English I can say it very very well, is a strange and beautiful market. First of all, it’s inside a cinema, actually a cinema where they don’t play movies anymore, but there are still those funny seats where some little ones like me can get pinched.
q7When I went with Mummy for the first time, there were many children and even some dogs, which I really liked. Small dogs in their owners' arms and bigger ones walking around with a leash, all very quiet and polite, I didn't hear even one barking... perhaps they liked the music! Another thing I really liked were ballons, there were so many around and I was given one to take one. I never had such a balloon, usually they are red, yellow or pink... that was a black balloon with the brand Vintage Market, and Mummy told that's because black is a very vintage color!"

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WHERE via Marco Minghetti
OPEN 2 Sundays per month, h m11:00 – 21:00

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BUS From Termini Railway Station,   Line 40

Line A, Barberini (900 mt)